There’s really not much to explain about this giveaway tbh, this was going to happen one way or another. PRIZES: There will be 2 winners. One will receive the both sets of albums, the other the their choice of just one album. 

  • 1st winner — EXO K and M Overdose Albums: Korean and Chinese Album Set — 2 CDS, 2 Folded Posters, Random Gift Card Photoset (Not even sure what this is myself) 
  • 2nd winner — EXO K or EXO M Overdose Album: Either the Korean or Chinese Album Set with the 1 CD and 1 Folded Poster, Random Gift Card Photoset

Please read the rules as noted below on the read more link, then reblog and/or like this post! The giveaway will end on May 31st, 2014. Winners will be announced on June 1st! 

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Anong palabas ‘to? Gusto ko lang mapanuod. Salamat po. 


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Anong mas maganda para sa NSTP?





Pray for South Korea

Anonymous asked:
What's your major in college?





Of Being a Communication Arts Major


1. There are times when it’s really not you, it’s your prof. And you have to stop beating yourself up when you get a grade you know you didn’t deserve.

2. You’ll lose the trust you have for several news and media programs as you learn about the works behind it.

3. Stress is better than tres.

4. Committing a grammatical or spelling mistake is a federal crime.

5. There is no substitute for hard work. Sure we have essay generators and Google, but nothing will ever compare to the feeling of getting a 1.00 on papers you honestly know you made and did not plagiarize.

6. There are distinct differences between “you’re” & “your”, “their”, “there” & “they’re” and “its” & “it’s”. Learn it.

7. Theology won’t teach you religion. The subjects you are in danger of failing will.

8. Spare change is a necessity. Mauubos barya mo sa dami ng ipapa-photocopy mo.

9. Speaking of which, never say “pa-xerox” lang ako. “Pa-photocopy.” You always say “pa-photocopy”.

10.  Masyadong mapapel ang course na’to. Literally. 

Anonymous asked:
Ahhh, ganun po ba? Eh yung certificate of enrollment ano po yun?

sorry nakalimutan ko na talaga umm, ganito nalang. Sa enrollment, dalhin mo lahat ng papel na binigay sa ‘yo. :)

The way he looks at her..

The way he looks at her..

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paano pong magkaron ng backer?

Dapat may kakilala(?) ka sa UST yata

Anonymous asked:
Yes, ate. Napasa ko na. Kinakabahan talaga ako kung anong mangyayari sa Enrollment e di ko kasi alam.

Nung nag-enroll din kasi ako, wala akong conforme slip. Tapos yung pinsan ko na incoming freshman AB, wala din nun :)

Anonymous asked:
Ate, may nabalitaan na po ba kayo nagpabacker sa UST na hindi nakapasok?

Wala eh :)


Diary Ng Panget The Movie casts

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I’m so disappointed for the SDTG movie. 

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